Gap Civil

Gap Civil's motto is honor and innovate.  We honor the mountain traditions that have shaped us as people and musicians; we innovate with pride and excitement in our songwriting and unique arrangements.   In our music you'll find the sounds of oldtime, country, bluegrass, Americana, and gospel with a hearty dose of original tunes and songs.   We hope our music will make you want to dance -whether that's hitting the floor with a driving flatfoot or pulling that special someone close with a honky-tonk two-step. 

Formed in 2017 and based in Sparta, NC, Gap Civil features Todd Hiatt on guitar, Chris Johnson on banjo and bass, Lucas Pasley on fiddle and vocals, Kyle Dean Smith on bass and lead guitar.   

Check out our upcoming shows and come on out and join us! 

The band name Gap Civil comes from an old name for the town of Sparta, NC.  Read more about that here or come to one of our shows and ask Chris to tell you about it...he loves to talk history! 

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